Frequently Asked Questions

Simply find a product you want to order, click Add to Cart, then click Checkout. Pay for your product(s) and we will email your download link(s). Click on the download link to download the product from our server, which has been optimized for fast downloading. Once you’ve completed the download process you’re ready to start making music using your templates and samples. If you have any questions about ordering products from then please contact our friendly support team.

We accept all major Credit Card and Debit Cards and PayPal.
That depends on the speed of your computer and the size of the file. You can get a fairly accurate indication of how long it will take you to download a product from the product page.
Please do not use download managers to download your purchases. Simply click the link in your browser and you won’t get any problems. We do not support download managers, so please do not ask for support if you decide to use them.
If you find that your internet browser freezes part way through the downloading process, then please try opening the download link(s) in a different browser. Sometimes older versions of Internet Explorer can cause freezing issues, where Firefox and Google Chrome will work fine.

Sometimes, these Mac archives are reported as “Corrupt” when trying to extract them using Windows XP or Vista. They are not corrupt, it’s just Windows can not open them since Microsoft made changes the unzip process. However, you can “Repair” these Mac formatted archives in WinRAR by following the tips below.

Repairing a “Corrupt” Archive in WinRAR:

1.) Download the Free Version of WinRAR
2.) Install WinRAR onto your computer.
3.) Open WinRAR then navigate to the ZIP file, right-click on the file then select “Repair Archive”
4.) This will create a new “repaired” Archive.
5.) Simply extract this new archive and you will find the errors have been fixed.

Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you would normally have the right to cancel the contract of sale within seven days. However, this does not relate to downloadable software goods and sample cds as once the products have been transferred to your computer, they cannot be “returned”.

Furthermore, in the case of samples/loops a virtual license to use the content in your music royalty free is transferred to you when you complete your purchase. You do not have the right to cancel an order once the Product has been downloaded. This does not, of course, affect any other rights that you may have. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information on our policies.